Bespoke Design or not Bespoke, that is the question.

Here at OPEN were proud of the fact that we can say all of our websites are bespoke design.

What is bespoke design? Well anything bespoke is “custom made”, “made to order”. It’s anything that has been designed specifically with you in mind, a product that has been created and crafted to meet you or your companies specific needs.

So when we say all of our websites are bespoke design were saying that it’s made for you, it’s a completely original design not used anywhere else.

More recently the web design industry has been saturated with what are now being called template sites, these are sites that have already been designed and pre-built all you have to do is to throw your content into them. The problem with this is that you are moulding your content to fit a template, rather than designing a site to suit your content.

There are many template websites out there that offer both free and premium designs that you can use if you can find one you like or one that works for what it is you need. Most of these templates though will only give you a few basic rudimentary options to change things which are generally limited to colour changes, layout and a few others but that’s it.

Once you’ve bought the template and you’ve finally figured out how to put your content into it your not going to be able to get any help from the people who created the template. This doesn’t mean though that things cannot be changed on the site but it will require you to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and that could then get costly depending on what it is you actually need from it.

While in the process of designing your website you will get to see what we have put together using your individual requirements, if there’s some aspect of the design you want to adjust, a button change or a function that you think should be included, whatever it is, then you get to have your say as it is your website we are creating, not only this but if at the time during the design phase you wanted to plan for the future once your business grows then this can be included, for example: a blog or a shop payment system.

There may be a gap in the pricing of a bespoke designed website vs a template website but that all comes down to the quality, the attention to detail and getting exactly what it is you need for your online presence.

Wouldn’t you rather have a website that has been built from the ground up with only you in mind? Check out our project section HERE to see what we mean…

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