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Moving is already stressful enough without the added worry of finding moving boxes. There are two basic options available – cardboard boxes or plastic crates. Each one has its good and bad points and choosing the right one for your needs depends upon the type of items being moved, how much there is to pack and how far it is being moved.

The cost of renting reusable plastic crates is around half that of buying new cardboard boxes, especially after adding in the extra expense considering the time and effort you may spend building, taping and lugging the boxes home from the local supermarket or shop.

We have been involved in every step of the way since the idea was presented as a design brief to us last year from BUSKA CEO, Mark Browne. What we considered together was how to lay claim to an already busy niche and create something that looked good but also delivered quality, value and a distinctive sense of practicality. As a group of business people, the BUSKA team are forward-thinking and a lot of fun to work with (as you can see).

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