Seven Treasures: Japanese Cloisonné Enamels from the Victoria and Albert Museum

Spend a little time at Seven Treasures, an exhibit on tour from the Victoria and Albert Museum and now at Dublin’s Chester Beatty Library. You just might find that it restores that capacity for an object, however tiny, to engender a sense of deep delight. The title alludes to the characters for shippo, the Japanese term for enamel, which refers to the seven treasures of gold, silver, coral, lapis lazuli and other precious stones.

We started initial design concepts and planning in early November of last year and began installation in March. Much to our delight, the reaction to our hard work and intense collaboration with the wonderful people in the Chester Beatty and the V&A was satisfying to hear at the launch.

“It’s been fabulously displayed and I’ve seen it in all the other venues (it has toured to), and this has excelled.

Gregory Irvine, curator of Japanese objects at the Victoria and Albert.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into a gorgeous jewelled world, where time spent looking is rewarded. Even – especially – at the small.

Chester Beatty Japanese Cloisonné

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